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speaking words of wisdom?

16 November, 2007

OK, I will try to resume blogging here. In the meantime, some links which I’ve been late to find.

Andrei Toom has several thoughtful and thought-provoking articles on maths education, as experienced first in Russia and then in the United States. I’m still digesting these: current recommendations are A Russian teacher in America and the longer Word problems in Russia and America. (Hat tip to Mathematics Under The Microscope.)

My first reaction to these was a kind of instinctive concurrence, and yet on further reflections there are some points where I would draw slightly different conclusions (this is more to do with the interaction between society and education, than with any of the actual diagnoses which Toom makes). If blogging resumes here I’ll try to put some of this into a coherent post.

On a different level and a different note, the latest issue of the AMS Notices has an article by Steven G. Krantz on How to write your first paper. It all seems obvious in retrospect, but I wish I’d read something like this before my own first effort. Although I (smugly) feel I got a fair amount right, a lot of energy and editing could have been saved if I’d had something like Krantz’s guidelines as a first approximation to work from.

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