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Semi-expository project: amenability of Thompson’s group F

14 August, 2009

Since I’ll be doing some teaching this coming semester – for the first time in a while – I thought it was long overdue to try and kickstart this weblog back into some pretence at activity. But on a different note, given the increasing visibility/credence given to mathematical blogging in recent months, it seems worth having another go at that, too.

So over the next couple of weeks, the goal is to work through this fairly recent preprint of Shavgulidze and blog my experiences and reactions to it. Actually, I’ll probably follow the notes being written up by Matt Brin et al. most of the way, but given that my background is complementary to that of the geometric group theorists, the emphasis may be different.

At some point, I also want to write up a bit of background and history to the problem that Shavgulidze’s paper solves – even if it ends up being mostly a collection of links – and say a bit about how I first developed a spectator’s interest in’t. For the moment, though, I can’t do much better than this quick account by Danny Calegari.

Update 15th June 2011: Since this page seems to continue to get the occasional hit from people wanting to know more, read this post for why I not only abandoned the intended project but have no desire to restart it.

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