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updates on lack of updates

3 November, 2009

Well, I’ve been on the verge of writing some new posts for the last week or so, but somehow the energy/focus keeps ebbing away.

As a vague attempt to hold myself to some commitments, some things I hope to post about, albeit probably not in that order:

  • Updated links looking back on the many achievements and exacting standards of I. M. Gelfand (thanks to Philip Brooker in the comments for alerting me to some I hadn’t seen before);
  • The obligatory post mentioning Math Overflow;
  • Something simple on the Pelczynski decomposition, as much to refresh my own memory as anything else;
  • A tridiagonalization trick and norms in the GOE;
  • A non-slick proof that we can’t take square roots of the shift;
  • Maybe, just maybe, if I am infused with enough zeal or caffeine, some posts on Hochschild (co)homology as learned patchily by a callow PhD student with an odd combination of prior background.

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