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adieu Québec, je t’aimais bien

23 July, 2010

Have been busy, or at least pre-occupied, with winding things down here, and packing with a mixture of laziness and panic. Mais je partirai aux <<prairies>> la paix dans l’âme…

Actually, Le Moribond doesn’t seem really that apt. Enjoy some Sandy Denny instead:

Mathematics may resume in subsequent posts, once déménagement is over and done with. In the meantime, if you’re at all interested in the funding and admnistration of research mathematics (particularly in Canada), go and read the Accidental Mathematician’s thoughts on recent news from NSERC. Even if you don’t agree.

(Note added later: as a matter of fact, while not having that much experience in the Canadian system, I do agree with what Laba says. My point was merely that even if you’re predisposed not to — then again, if you’re one of the small number of people who reads this blog, you probably would — she gives a lot of telling detail based on first-hand experience.)

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