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once bitten, twice shy (updated)

16 January, 2011

The arXiv preprint 1101.2888 appears to be an attempt to give a corrected version of 0906.0107, which apparently had a gap in its argument.

(Having found arXiv moderators’ actions a bit odd in the past, I’m not going to stress unduly about why this is being accepted as a new submission as opposed to a replacement of an existing one.)

I don’t see any acknowledgment in either paper of the error in 0906.0107, but perhaps I’ve not looked hard enough. Certainly, after my previous abortive attempt, I have no real appetite for reading the new version, since the calculations appear to be equally opaque (in terms of motivation) and equally illegibly typeset. As with the previous version, I can’t see any attempt to give a conceptual framework for the supposed proof, nor to provide context in terms of previous work of the author and others.

So: no thanks, this time. I think I’ll wait (with some interest, if not with bated breath) for the experts to finish picking over this one.

Update 3rd Feb 2011: J. T. Moore has just posted a note on the arXiv

1102.0747 A note on Shavgulidze’s papers concerning the amenability problem for Thompson’s group $F$

with some discussion of both preprints mentioned in this post, and some of the work done by various people examining Shavgulidze’s purported proof.

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  1. Doormat permalink
    17 January, 2011 4:08 pm

    Harsher language than I would have used… but, I can’t help but agree with your conclusions! (And, having been on the receiving end of arXiv oddness, it is a _little_ annoying to see this as a new submission!) I guess we’ll wait and see…


  1. Semi-expository project: amenability of Thompson’s group F « Since it is not …

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