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More tinned meat, garnished with OpenBuzzWords

17 July, 2012

(Update: broken link fixed 06/06/2013)

Having received an unsolicited email fromsome folks calling themselves, who describe themselves as

the first crowdfunding platform for science, technology and medical projects… committed to helping accelerating research by helping to fund the best and most innovative projects from top faculty members

and having quickly checked via Google that they appear to be a genuine company at time of writing, may I just say:

Claude P. Sheer employs incompetent spammers.

After all: if you start your email with “Dear [firstname]”, then the least you can do is get my name right. At the very least, don’t put a common surname as the erroneous first name. You may be “a media executive with a strong track record for building and growing businesses”, whose goal is “to accelerate discovery by creating a platform to encourage and reward entrepreneurship in research”, but in the present context you just strike me as getting even the basics of tinned meat distribution wrong.

As for iAMscientist’s claims that

We believe that everyone has a stake in research to support discovery in science, technology and medicine. We further believe that if practicing researchers participate in vetting and supporting research proposals, funding can be faster and easier for everyone.

– oh, go and look up “peer review” and “grant application”, and then stick your cant where the sun doesn’t shine. I’m sure you can even crowdsource suggestions from practising researchers as to the depth or orientation of the insertion.


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